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Power Re-envisioned

Introducing the new EVE2 TFT Modules from Newhaven Display. These twenty new products feature the very powerful EVE2 IC by FTDI/Bridgetek and bring with them the chip's great functionality. On every module you'll find two connection options (FPC & IDC) and backlight drivers that will never compromise brightness.  

The Power of the EVE2 Graphic Engine

EVE2 FTDI Chip Features

High resolution graphics, video, and even audio playback.
Serial interface for streamlined communication with the display.
1MB of built-in graphics memory.
Scalable font capabilities.
Visit FTDI/Bridgetek's page for more details about the EVE2 chip here.

The full suite of EVE2 features is included with every product in the EVE2 TFT Modules product line.

  Newhaven Display & FTDI/Bridgetek  

A Powerful Partnership

Newhaven Display and FTDI/Bridgetek have come together to bring you this amazing new product line. The crisp high-quality displays from Newhaven Display backed by the processing capabilities of FTDI/Bridgetek's EVE2 chip creates a new vision of embedded power.

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